Vile Lout BLINDS His Own Dad For Cash
Vile Lout BLINDS His Own Dad For Cash

Layabout Abhishek Chetan, 40, of Shakambarinagar in JP Nagar, shoved his fingers into the eye sockets of his 65-year-old father, Parameshwar Chetan. He then attempted to pry out his father’s eyeballs with a set of car keys.

As a consequence, the older Mr Chetan lost one eye when it popped from the socket. Now doctors are unsure if he will ever regain sight in the other.

The younger Mr Chetan had reportedly become enraged when his aged dad revealed he’d have to share his inheritance with his sisters.

Money Hungry Son Will Do Anything For Cash

Eye gouger Abhishek Chetan lived a lavish lifestyle as a middle-aged layabout

Debt-ridden Abhishek had been attempting to coerce his father into signing away family properties to him. This followed the death Parameshwar’s wife, Abhishek’s mother, a month before.

Parameshwar had already transferred his son’s inheritance over to him. But the fair-handed father refused also grant the money-grubber his younger siblings’ portion of the family property.

Greedy Abhishek refused to accept this. Neighbors report the middle-aged playboy had recently quit a well-paying job. His incense business wasn’t paying the bills, now he was banking on old dad to fund his lavish bachelor lifestyle.

Hero Grandson Cries For Help

Blinded Parameshwar Chetan gropes his way into waiting taxi after neighbors intervene in nightmarish scene

Family members believe that Abhishek would have murdered his father, had it not been for the presence of Parameshwar’s five-year-old grandson.

The heroic tot raised the alarm and neighbors rushed to Parameshwar’s aid.

They found the recent widower gravely injured and soaked in his own blood.

Shameless Abhishek then claimed his victim had in fact gouged his own eyes, so as to frame him for the brutal crime. But police instantly doubted this outrageous distortion of the truth of the case.

He Didn’t Want To Pay Rent To Pops

Neighbors report that this was not the first incident between the two men. Abhishek resented paying rent to his father for the use of a downstairs flat in the property the two men shared. He also felt that his father was aloof and distant towards him.

Abhishek Chetan was arrested at the scene and is being held under Sections 307 (attempt to murder) and 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code.

Parameshwar Chetan was taken to a private hospital where he remains in a serious condition.


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