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Transgender killer Paris Green get’s go-ahead for state-funded sex-change op, even after prison authorities were forced to remove the male-bodied murderer from the women’s prison where she started her sentence, after Green was caught having sex with other inmates. But Green isn’t the first transgender killer to get help with sex-change behind bars, even after breaking prison rules…

Former Child Star Transgender Killer: Skylar Deleon

Transgender killer Skylar Deleon is currently on Death Row in California’s San Quentin State prison awaiting execution for the brutal slaying of retired couple Thomas and Jackie Hawks and his one-time friend, former-pilot Jon Jarvi.

Along with wife Jennifer – who was pregnant with the couple’s second child at the time of the murders – and two friends, the former-child-actor-turned transgender killer Sylar Deleon cruelly plotted to murder the Hawkes in December 2004, in order to rob them of their 55-foot yacht, the Well Deserved. 

The bodies of the two victims were never recovered, but officials believe the transgender killer and her accomplices tied the former parole officer and his wife to the anchor of their own boat and threw them overboard to drown.

While awaiting trial for the Hawkses’ murders Deleon attempted to solicit fellow inmates in an a murder-for-hire scheme, attempting to put out a hit on the ex-Power Rangers star’s own father and cousin, who were considered important witnesses in 2003 murder of Jon Peter ‘JP’ Jarvi.

Deleon lured Jarvi into the Mexican desert and slit his throat, having defrauded the down-on-his-luck 45-year-old of $50,000.

Defense lawyers for Deleon have claimed that the transgender killer orchestrated her various murder plots in a desperate attempt to raise funds for a sex-change operation. In 2008, while on Death Row, Skylar Deleon was rushed to hospital after she attempted to sever her penis with a razor blade. Since her conviction, the triple murderer has been receiving state-funded hormone treatment and counseling and is reported to be ‘much happier’.

Baby Smasher Transgender Killer: Beate Schmidt

Beate Schmidt raped and killed five women in Germany between 1989-1991, in addition to murdering the 3-month-old baby of his fourth victim by smashing the infant against a tree stump.

The murders only stopped when the German transgender killer was spotted publicly masturbating by two members of the public in August 1991. At the time of the slayings Schmidt still went by male birth-name Wolfgang, but petitioned the court to change her name to Beate shortly after she was arrested.

Beate Schmidt was locked up in a psychiatric prison, where she underwent hormone treatment as part of her sex-change process. But even behind bars this transgender killer is believed to have continued her reign of terror; in 2010 she was investigated for raping a fellow inmate and is believed to have caused another transgender prison to commit suicide.

Legal Pioneer Transgender Killer: Shiloh Heavenly Quine

In 2015, Farida Baig, the daughter of transgender killer Shiloh Heavenly Quine’s victim, taxi-driver and father-of-three Shahid Ali Baig, failed to block the State of California from providing a fully-funded sex-change operation for her dad’s murderer.

Shiloh Heavenly Quine has publicly identified as a woman since 2009, but only got the go-ahead for sex-change surgery in 2015. The federal magistrate hearing the case also ruled that transgender convicts housed in men’s prisons should have access to women’s luxury items, like necklaces and nighties. The following year, Quine became the first inmate in the California prison system to undergo sex-change surgery provided by the state, in a test-case for other transgender convicts.

In 1980, as Rodney James Quine, the transgender killer kidnapped, robbed and fatally shot young father, 33-year-old Shahid Ali Baig, in a drug and booze fueled campaign of terror.

Since undergoing her tax-payer funded sex-change op Quine has been moved to a woman’s prison, but the transgender killer complains she is being mistreated in the Sacramento facility, which she describes a ‘torture unit’, as staff there refuse to let her have access to a razor in order to shave her beard.


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