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villages from the center of Moldova joined to create the tourist route called Dor de Codru. Visitors will visit Cioresti, Dolna and Micleuseni to admire picturesque places, the beauty of the hills and the works of the folk craftsmen. Also, they will be able to take a break at the pensions in the area. The project was initiated by the local authorities and the natives.

The huge wooden gate is the first tourist attraction but also the business card of the village of Cioresti. From here the road to the other destinations starts. And in order for the tourists not to get lost somehow, here is a map of the route.

Valeriu GUTU, FIRST OF THE CITY OF CIORESTI: “For me it is a project of soul, for the locality it is a project that will open perspectives of development of the tourism. To bring in our tourist places.”

Dafina GERCHEVA, RESIDENTIAL COORDINATOR OF OTHERS: “This project will bring, first and foremost, new jobs and will encourage talented people, people who are really knowledgeable, to start a new business. services for the 6000 inhabitants of these villages.”

Dor de Codru

Further tourists can go to the house of the potter Zaharia Triboi who crafts all kinds of black ceramic objects. He says he’ll reveal to tourists his big secret – how this type of pottery is made.

ZARIA TRIBOI, POPULAR MESTER: “The black wolf only becomes burning, I want to make this famous.

The father’s passion also inspired his son. Adrian has been making jugs since he was four. Now he can even make money from it. He can hardly wait for the tursitians to pull their threshold, that he has something to boast about.

Adrian TRIBOI, POPULAR MESTER: “We will continue this art because black ceramics represent us. This is our history that we must show to other people.”


And in Micleuseni, guests will be able to make a stop at the “Honey House”. The owners say they have the best bee honey. If that is the case – convince tourists.

Ana CIOLACU, APICULTOORE “We hope that the tourists will find out about us and visit us. It is very nice in the Codrilor area.”
Ciolacu spouses keep bees near the house for more than 12 years. To give color to the business, as it tastes by itself, they have built a wooden house in which they are ready to house the visitors.

Ana CIOLACU, APICULTOORE: “May God always be so, so that we do not fit in our house of honey.”

Let’s go to Dolna. The mansion-museum where the Russian poet Aleksandr Puskin once lived has its doors open anytime. Recently, the bulb of the boyfriend Zamfirache Arbore-Ralli was renovated, which until recently was a … gunoist.

Romeo CIOCHINA, PRIMARY OF SATULU DOLNA: “Very old cellar built in the middle of the 19th century, but left in comparison.”

“The locals are happy to welcome guests. They have something to boast about, if they have any!”

“This project is welcome for the whole area and for the tourists who will visit us.”

“The gate at the entrance is very good, the people who come are welcome. If they started that way and in the future it will still be beautiful.”

“It is not the gate of hope, it is the most beautiful gate in Moldova, this is the gate of stories.”

The tourist route “Dor de Codru” includes a total of 20 destinations. For its creation, the Government of Switzerland has allocated 50 thousand dollars, and 30 thousand come from the local and local administrations.



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