red heifer in Israel

So a double-headed snake was not in fact found in Virginia, USA earlier this week. The actually rather cute looking hell-beast, turned out to be nothing more than a viral marketing stunt… a fact which is Satanic enough in itself.

But if you were holding out hope for an apocalypse nowish, there’s no need to convert your doomsday bunker back into a recreation room just yet.

There’s still plenty of signs that the end of the world is nigh if you know where to look for them.

  1. A ‘Blemish Free’ Red Heifer is Born In Israel

According to Biblical prophecy the ends of days can only come after the Temple in Jerusalem is restored.

The First Temple was torn down by the Babylonians over 2,500 years ago and the Second Temple was destroyed twice – once by the Romans after a failed Jewish revolt in the 1st Century AD and then again by an earthquake in 363 AD.

But in order for construction on the Third Temple to begin a perfectly ‘blemish-free’ red cow much be sacrificed. The calf must be female, have never been pregnant and must be judged to be perfectly red all over, without any disfiguring marks.

Only nine sacred red heifers fulfilling all these criteria were sacrificed while the Temple still stood, and according to Jewish Lore the tenth red heifer will be the last.

The Temple Institute of Jerusalem has been attempting to breed ritually acceptable red heifer for over twenty years, as have some Evangelical Christians who want to bring the prophecy of End Times to completion in order to bring about the Second Coming of Christ.

blemish-free red cow

Two other heifers have been judged by the Temple Institute to fulfill the criteria for the ‘blemish free’ red heifer in the past, but were later found not be suitable. This heifer could still be found unsuitable if it develops any disqualifying blemishes or marks at any time in the future.

And as anyone who has gone through puberty knows blemishes crop up when you least expect them to.

Another not exactly minor stumbling block is the fact that the site of the Holy Temple is currently the site of the Dome of the Rock, one of the most ancient and sacred sites in Islam, which means building work on is likely to be somewhat delayed…

It seems, for now at least, this latest blemish-free red heifer may be rather safer than most it’s future hamburger friends.




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