the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP celebrated a job well done
the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP celebrated a job well done

The Absolute Worst Things UKIP Members Have Done

When Britain voted for Brexit back in 2016 the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP celebrated a job well done. But in the past two years the party has been in disarray, with an endlessly-rotating cast of leaders and a lurch to the alt-right.

But does Bannon know who he’s getting in bed with?

1) Murdered His Wife After Sleeping With His Son’s Girlfriend

A clear first place, as by far the worst thing a member of UKIP has done, is the tragic case of scummy domestic abuser and super cheat, former UKIP councillor Stephen Searle.

In December 2017 Stephen Searle’s wife of forty-five years found out that he had been carrying on an affair with their son’s girlfriend.

At very least an apology was in order. Instead, Stephen Searle strangled 62-year-old Anna Searle to death at their home in Suffolk.

He then coolly called 999 and confessed to what he’d done, telling call handlers that he ‘had been a naughty boy’.

Searle was sentenced to life, with a minimum of just 14 years.

2) Committed Fraud, Refused To Pay Child Support… While Complaining About Feckless Parents Who Don’t Provide For Their Kids

Admittedly not as quite bad as wife murder, but still pretty slimy.

Deadbeat UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson had to be forced by the UK Child Support Agency to provide upkeep for her own teenage son, despite her £79,000 per year salary.

The CSA had to take her to court twice before she would cough up, which “caused major hardship for her son and for her family” according to her son’s father, Atkinson’s ex-husband Steve Small.

She made only sporadic payments for the teen’s upkeep, but still felt justified in slating ‘feckless’ families who couldn’t afford to provide for their own children.

If being unable to provide for your children makes you feckless, being unwilling to look after your kids makes you something far, far worse…

3) Left His Wife And Two Young Kids To Shack Up With A Glamour Model Less That Half His Age…  At Christmas

Former UKIP leader Henry Bolton left his wife of six years, Tatiana Smurova, for 25-year-old topless model Jo Marney. And he did it like a drama-hungry vaguebooking teenager.

Over Christmas 2017, the then UKIP leader told his social media followers to expect a change to his relationship status.

This came as news to his wife Tatiana, as Bolton had assured her just weeks before that he wasn’t about to leave. One year earlier Tatiana had made headlines after she gave birth to the couple’s second child while on-board a train at St Pancras station, but now their little family was torn apart by Bolton’s infidelity.

After Bolton’s announcement that he was leaving Tatiana for a younger woman, his second wife came forward to accuse Bolton of having been unfaithful during their marriage too.

In the end love rat Bolton dumped his new beau when her racist texts about wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle were made public.

This shameless attempt to save his own skin amidst the backlash her comment generated turned out to be pointless, as Bolton’s political career hit the skids following a vote of no confidence from his party in January 2018.

But with Bolton exiled from all relevance, the gruesome-twosome reunited and we’re sure the pair deserve each other very much.

4) Groomed Children For Sex Using The Internet And Possessed Hundreds Of Thousands Of Child Abuse Images

Former UKIP regional chairman Peter Entwistle was jailed for four years and eight months, back in November 2014, for targeting children as young as 12 online and soliciting them to perform sexual acts for his perverted satisfaction.

The 52-year-old chairman of the Bury UKIP branch went by the social media handle the ‘Naughty Doctor’ and amassed vast quantities of child pornography, which he traded with other pedophiles online.

He already had a criminal conviction for indecent exposure, as a result of a flashing incident in the 1980s.

5) Caused A Worker To Be Crushed To Death In Front Of His Own Son, Because He Thought ‘Health And Safety Had Gone Mad’

Millionaire rental-property baron, former UKIP candidate Keith Crawford, was given 30 months in prison for gross negligence manslaughter, after he ignored safety warnings which resulted in construction worker Peter Clements being crushed to death.

Clements had been digging a trench for a drain, when the sides of the trench collapsed trapping the 48-year-old under 9ft of mud.

Clements’ son, Ryan, who was working the same job, managed to clear the trench as it collapsed, but was unable to save his father who died in hospital a few days after the accident.

6) Put On Masks And Smashed Up An Independent Bookshop Like A Bunch Of Poundland Nazis

Three members of UKIP were suspended from the party for their part in an attack on a left-wing bookshop in August 2018.

Elizabeth Jones, Luke Nash-Jones and Martin Costello had their UKIP membership suspended, pending internal party investigation after police were called to Bookmarks bookshop, in London’s Bloomsbury.

Elizabeth Jones was later reinstated, after UKIP cleared her of any wrongdoing.

A group of masked protesters burst into the shop near closing time, knocked over displays, shredded magazines and intimated staff.

It seems that this stunt was intended as a weak joke, rather than a genuinely fascist act. And ironically enough it was Karl Marx who famously wrote that history repeats ‘first as tragedy, then as farce’.

When it comes to 1930s fascism however, we’d rather skip the second round – especially when it’s so hard to tell what UKIP activists’ punchline was supposed to be in the first place.

7) Attacked A Tesco Worker And Fled To Pakistan To Avoid Being Banged Up

Failed UKIP parliamentary candidate for Richmond Park and North Kensington, Sam Naz went on a foul-mouthed racist rant against trolly watcher Mohammed Watfa, when he stepped in to intervene after Naz was attached by another shopper.

When her assailant got away, Naz turned on Mr Watfa calling him “a fucking foreigner”, among other epithets.

Police were called and after a series of trials and appeals, Ms. Naz was found guilty of racially motivated intentional harassment.

But before her final trial cowardly Naz fled to Pakistan and was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment in absentia.

In his sentencing the judge branded the fugitive UKIP member “bigoted and cruel” and questioned her fitness to stand for public office.


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