Dhan Singh Bisht

Dhan Singh Bisht was carrying over $100,000 of his employer’s money to deposit in a company bank account when he was attacked by a gang of robbers in 2015.

His assailants were armed with knives and attempted to slit Mr. Bisht’s throat, but the 37-year-old was able to fight them off and save his boss’s cash.

Mr. Bisht, who worked as a servant for the head of a Delhi-based chemicals company, Reema Polychem Ltd., required 14 stitches following the attack, and was left bed-bound during his recovery.

His delighted employer decided that this loyal servant deserved a reward.

He gave Mr. Bisht a T-shirt.

Disgruntled Servant Plots Revenge On Stingy Boss

Dhan Singh Bisht servant robbed boss
Servant Dhan Singh Bisht was expecting a cash reward, but all he got was a lousy T-shirt

A T-shirt was not exactly the type of reward that Dhan Singh Bisht had in mind for putting his neck on the line in defense of someone else’s money.

Although Mr. Bisht remained in the same job for the next few years, he never got over the perceived slight of being given a cheap T-shirt, rather than a cash bonus.

The servant was often entrusted with depositing huge sums of cash on behalf of the firm, and when he ran into his own money troubles he enlisted a friend for a scheme to get revenge on his employer.

With mounting debts and having recently been refused a loan from his employer, Mr. Bisht recruited drinking buddy Yakub Hasan, 37, to help him rob the chemicals company.

Take The Cash And Flee To Nainital

Dhan Singh Bisht servant robbed boss
The men laid low in beautiful former hill station, resort town Nainital

The plan was not particularly sophisticated. The men decided that the next time Mr. Bisht was given a large amount of money to deposit, he would abscond with the cash and Mr. Hasan, who owned a car, would help him flee to the picturesque Indian resort town of Nainital, where the men would lie low for a while.

On August 27. Mr. Bisht was sent to collect 70 lahk rupees ($96,000) from a client, which he was to immediately deposit in a Delhi bank.

Instead, he kept the cash and Mr. Hasan drove him to Nainital.

Accomplice Of Thieving Servant Snitches To Delhi Police

Dhan Singh Bisht servant robbed boss
Dhan Singh Bisht lavishly furnished a house in Burari, best known for the 2018 Burari Cult Deaths

But Mr. Hasan was quickly picked up by police on his return, and unable to explain how he came by the 3 lahk rupees ($410) deposited in his bank account by Mr. Bisht, as an initial payment for his help, he quickly turned his friend in to the cops.

Mr. Bisht was arrested in Burari, Delhi yesterday, having returned to capital and rented a house in the district, which is best known outside of India for the shocking deaths of an entire family earlier this year, in what was apparently an occult ritual gone wrong.

Police recovered around 50 lahk rupees ($69,000) from the lavishly furnished property the one-time hero turned crook was renting.

Both men are now awaiting trial.



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