shaun paudwell michelle lewin transgender prison

Transgender prison row intensifies after The Sun newspaper reveals that yet another transgender sex offender has been housed in a women’s prison, despite fears of female inmates.

Vile pedophile Michelle Lewin, born Shaun Pudwell, has been transferred to privately-operated women’s prison, HMP Peterborough to await sex-change surgery.

This comes off the back of recent reports that transgender rapist and convicted pedophile Karen White, born Stephen Terence Wood, carried out a string of sexual assaults against fellow convicts, within days of arriving at women’s prison HMP New Hall in 2017.

White was sent to the the women’s prison while on remand, facing charged for burglary and GBH, despite being legally and anatomically male.

Sick Crimes Of Sex Swap Pedo In Latest Transgender Prison Row

shaun paudwell michelle lewin transgender prison
Male-Born Transgender Inmate Michelle Lewin At The Time Of Her Arrest For Child Sex Crimes

Michelle Lewin, born Shaun Pudwell, posed as a model scout to lure teen girls for sex back in 2007. He was caught when two of the 12-year-old schoolgirls he targeted reported him to the police, who found over 2,500 indecent images of children on his personal computer.

The married father-of-two was sentenced to a minimum of three and half years, but is still serving an indefinite sentence after prison psychs determined that he still poses a danger to underage kids.

While in prison middle-aged Shaun, began the process of gender reassignment.

Prison Wedding For Perv Soul Mates

Transgender prison row perv Michelle Lewin changed name at time of marriage to upskirt photography creep hubby Mark Lewin, who worked at Dorking Hospital

In 2015 he wed fellow perv Mark Lewin, who was on remand at the same prison as Pudwell for sex offences.

Mark Lewin was later sentenced 37 months, after police found him in possession of thousands of child abuse images, while investigating the former hospital employee for attempting to take a photo up the skirt of an unsuspecting nurse.

It is not clear at what point during his incarceration Shaun Pudwell adopted the name ‘Michelle Lewin’ and began the process of becoming a woman.

In a statement by Mark Lewin’s defense barrister at the time of his trial, Shaun Pudwell is still described as a man and the two are said to be in a civil partnership.

Michelle’s nonce husband Mark was released from HMP Elmsley and Michelle Lewin was transferred to HMP Peterborough.

Sex Offender At Centre Of Transgender Prison Row Is ‘Legally Female’

shaun paudwell michelle lewin transgender prison
HMP Peterborough: women’s prison where ‘legally female’ sex offender Michelle Lewin awaits sex-swap surgery

Because Michelle Lewin has been granted a gender recognition certificate she is considered legally female, despite not having undergone sex change surgery at this stage.

Sex change surgery has never been a requirement for receiving a Gender Recognition Certificate under UK law, and it is believed that the vast majority of transgender individuals chose not to undergo genital surgery.

While true numbers are hard to come by, Freedom of Information Act requests have revealed that there are currently around 125 transgender prisoners serving jail terms in England and Wales, of whom around 50% are serving time for sexual offences, compared to around 17% of general population prisoners.

Only 2.2% of sex offences reported to police are committed by female perpetrators and female-born sex offenders are rare in the prisons.

As on 2018, there are at least 34 male-born transgender inmates living as women in men’s specialist sex-offender jails, and 25 transgender inmates housed in women’s jails.


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