Gaurav Tiwari killed by ghosts

Gaurav Tiwari was just 31-years-old when he found dead in his family home, in Dwarka an ancient city in Gujarat, north west India.

A commercial pilot by training, at the time of his death Gaurav had become one of India’s top paranormal investigators. As the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, Gaurav was no stranger to ghostly goings on and had travelled to over 6000 haunted locations in Indian and internationally, seeking to make contact with unseen forces.

But the charismatic young ghost hunter could never have guessed that the supernatural mystery for which he would become most famous, would be his own early death on a Thursday morning in July 2016.

What Happened To Guarav Tiwari?

gaurav tiwari paranormal investigator murdered by a ghost and wife
Paranormal investigator Guarav Tiwari with his wife Arya

On the morning of July 7 2016, members of the Tiwari family heard a loud crashing sound coming from the bathroom of the their apartment.

Gaurav’s father, Uday Tiwari, recalls that he was answering emails at the time, while his mother was drinking coffee in the living room.

Not overly alarmed, Gaurav’s wife, Arya, who the ghost hunter had wed just months before, went looking in search of what had caused the commotion.

When she realized the bathroom door was locked, she called to Gaurav to ask if everything was alright. But when no-one answered she grew worried.

She summoned her parents-in-law to help her break down the bathroom door, as no-one had seen Gaurav for an hour or so and he wasn’t responding to their frantic knocking.

Dead On The Bathroom Floor

gaurav tiwari paranormal investigator murdered by a ghost
An expert at ghost photography the tragic Gaurav Tiwari went to 6000 locations looking for evidence of the supernatural

When they had broken the door down, the Tiwari family were greeted with a grisly scene.

Gaurav lay unresponsive on the tiled floor, with his eyes bulging and a thin black line running across his throat.

There were no signs that anyone else had been in the locked room with him at the time of his death, but it was not immediately obvious what had caused the young man to lose consciousness.

The family rushed him to hospital, but doctors were unable to revive tragic Gaurav and the young paranormal investigator was declared dead shortly after admission.

Did Gaurav Tiwari Die By His Own Hand?

gaurav tiwari paranormal investigator murdered by a ghost
Gaurav Tiwari at work as an international paranormal investigator

In the days following Gaurav Tiwari’s untimely death, police investigated a possible homicide.

However, they could not find any evidence of foul play and at an inquest his death was officially ruled to be suicide.

But members of the paranormal community remained unsatisfied with this explanation.

In the days leading up to his death, Gaurav Tiwari had confided to his father that he could feel dark forces attempting to gain influence over him.

Years before his career as a commercial pilot had tanked when Gaurav had moved into a house which he came to believe was haunted. This set him on his path to becoming a paranormal expert, but the experience had proven to Gaurav that ghostly entities might try to gain influence over a person.

Despite this Gaurav Tiwari’s mission as a paranormal investigator had been to bridge the gap between this world and the world beyond. Were powerful unseen forces now seeking revenge on the young man for his many attempts to shed light on the powers of darkness?

The Legacy Of Gaurav Tiwari

Some of those who believe that Gaurav Tiwari’s death was the work of his own hand still speculate that he was driven to suicide by powerful spirits, exerting their influence for evil.

Meanwhile sceptics of the paranormal point to the fact that the newly-married ghost buster was under pressure from his family to get a ‘proper job’ and that he had been arguing with his wife around the time of his death.

Uday Tiwari is unequivocal in his belief that ghosts were not to blame for Gaurav’s tragic demise.

In an interview shortly after his son’s death, he told the Times of India that the family do not believe in ghosts, but that his loved ones remain “shocked and puzzled” by the young man’s sudden death.

Although Gaurav’s widow Arya was aware that her husband had been feeling overworked in recent months, she told his parents that she’d no inkling her husband’s state of mind was such that he might have been contemplating ending his own life.

But the sad fate of Gaurav Tiwari may serve as a lesson to any of those who dabble in the occult. What happens beneath the surface of human life, whether those forces psychological or supernatural, may remain unseen even by those closest to us.

Trying to struggle through dark places alone, may end up inviting even more darkness into the lives of the ones you love the most.

If you are struggling to see the light or battling inner demons, the bravest thing you can do is to seek help.

For a safe place to talk about suicidal feelings or whatever’s getting to you in the UK you can contact Samaritans. 

In the USA the National Suicide Prevention Hotline offers a similar service.


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