Mahendra Singh Gond india child rape death sentence pedophiles

Vicious child rapist, Mahendra Singh Gond, 23, has become one of the first to fall foul of new provisions under Madhya Pradesh state law, which allow the death penalty to be given in rape cases, in which the victim was under the age of 12-years-old.

A court in Satna, in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, handed down the death sentence last Wednesday, after school teacher Gond was found guilty of the raping the 4-year-old daughter of a friend.

He was also sentenced to seven years hard labor for having kidnapped the child, as she lay sleeping in the courtyard of her family home in a small village in Satna district.

Child Rapist Mahendra Singh Gond Targets Sleeping Victim

Mahendra Singh Gond india child rape death sentence pedophiles
Child rapist Mahendra Singh Gond targeted the sleeping child from a village in Satna district

Mr. Gond arrived at the house to see the child’s father on the night of July 1st, after a bout of heavy drinking.

When he arrived, Mr. Gond saw the young child asleep on a cot outside with her father sitting nearby. After spending some time talking with her father, Mr. Gond got up to leave.

But the sicko pedophile did stay away for long. When the child’s father got up to relieve himself, child predator Mahendra Singh Gond returned to the courtyard and kidnapped the sleeping girl.

He took her some 2 km into the surrounding woodland, where pervert Gond raped the child. Believing his assault had killed the four-year-old, he then left her unconscious beneath a thicket of bushes and fled the scene.

The alarm was not raised for some time, as the child’s father believed that she had wandered back into the house, where she usually slept with her mother and sisters.

But when it became clear that the child was nowhere to be found, a search party was organised and the child was found in the bushes, where vicious pedophile Gond had abandoned her.

India Child Rape Victim Airlifted To Delhi Hospital

Mahendra Singh Gond india child rape death sentence pedophiles
The four-year-old was airlifted to AIIMS when the extent of her injuries became apparent

The girl was taken to Satna district hospital, but when the extent of her injuries were discovered she was airlifted to the Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), where she was prepared for surgery under hero pediatric surgeon, Dr. Shilpa Sharma.

Mr. Gond’s victim remains in hospital in Delhi, almost three months after his wicked attack.

Despite the death sentence handed down on Wednesday, it remains to be seen whether or not Mahendra Singh Gond will actually face execution for his act of child rape.

Will India Execute Convicted Pedophile Mahendra Singh Gond?

Mahendra Singh Gond india child rape death sentence pedophiles
Although India has affirmed its right to apply the death penalty in serious crimes, in practice few executions are carried out in the vast country. When the death penalty is applied, most executions in India take place by hanging.

No executions have been carried out in India, since the 2015 execution of terrorist financier Yakub Memon, for his part in the 1993 Mumbai bus bombings.

A 22-year-old from the same Indian state as convicted pedophile Mahendra Singh Gond, has recently received a stay on his death sentence in a similar child rape case, after the Supreme Court of India ruled in his favor earlier this month, overturning a ruling of a lower court in August that his sentence should be upheld.

Madhya Pradesh now has some of the toughest anti-child rape legislation in India, following a string of highly-publicized cases in which adult men have victimized extremely young female children. In the past seven months alone, courts in the state have handed down twelve death sentences in cases involving the rape of minors.

Whether this proves effective in protecting the state’s most vulnerable from child predators is yet to be seen, but judges in Madhya Pradesh have shown that they will not tolerate the actions of depraved child rapists like Mahendra Singh Gond.


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