French-Alps alleged rapist marc sutton

An extreme-sports enthusiast met his untimely demise in the French Alps last week, while hurtling down a mountainside on his bike. But ill advised as this sounds, it wasn’t a crash that killed serial abuser and alleged rapist Marc Sutton.

Despite his hi-vis vest, a local hunter mistook the movement of the high-speed cyclist for game, and fatally shot the 34-year-old as he sped along a wooded track in the Les Gets Alpine ski resort last Saturday October 13.

An air ambulance was called to scene, but Mr. Sutton was pronounced dead a short time after.

Alleged Rapist Marc Sutton Enjoyed Idyllic Life In French Extreme Sports Paradise

alleged rapist marc sutton shot by hunter

Originally from Caerphilly in Wales, alleged rapist Marc Sutton had lived in Les Gets, France, for eight years.

A regular on the world-famous Morzine mountain biking scene, he enjoyed a seemingly idyllic life skiing during the winter months and riding his bike downhill during summer.

In additional to his extreme sporting activities, Sutton was a keen chef and ran the ‘Chez Toi’ bespoke dining service in Morzine (rated an unlucky for some 13/151 on Trip Advisor) with his partner Jo.

Mother Of Dead Cyclist Claims Her Own Son Was A Vile Rapist

But mere hours after Sutton’s tragic death, his estranged mother and sister came forward with a series of damning revelations relating to late adrenaline junky’s dark past.

Sutton’s mother, Katrina Toghill, took to Facebook to distance herself from the dead cyclist, painting her son as a violent and abusive man who had ended up in France only after years spent on the run evading the consequences of his crimes.

Sutton’s sister, Katie Toghill, claimed he had repeatedly raped and beat her when they were children, starting from when she was just eight-years-old.

Alleged rapist Marc Sutton started getting in trouble with the police from the age of just eleven, and as a young teen was taken into care for eighteen months.

At the age of 18 he served a six-month prison sentence after repeatedly assaulting his then partner, damaging her eye socket and shattering her cheekbone.

Shooter Suffers Shock After Shooting Someone

french alps rapist marc sutton

Shortly after Saturday’s shooting, a 22-year-old French hunter identified himself to local police in relation to the incident and was taken to a nearby hospital, where is is currently undergoing treatment for shock.

Police are not releasing the name of the man, who is under investigation for aggravated manslaughter. If found guilty, he can expect jail time but although there have been 35 similar hunting-related deaths in France since 2016, few have resulted in prosecutions for those involved.

The shooter has at least one supporter. Katie Toghill told the UK’s Sun newspaper; “He was a rapist c*** and I’m glad he’s dead… I want the killer to get off because he did us a favour.”

Tragically this is not the first fatal error by a hunter this season. Since the beginning of the French hunting season last month, there have been a staggering four deaths in hunting-related shooting incidents.

After this most recent incident, the mayor of Montriond has since placed a temporary ban on ‘la Chasse’, and the French Government are facing calls to ban the sport completely on weekends.



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