Golden State Killer


Golden State Killer (obviously!)

Before he was known as the Golden State Killer, he was the Original Night Stalker who brutally murdered at least twelve victims, often targeting couples in their own homes. Before that he was the East Area Rapist, who would break into the houses of his female victims before subjecting them to brutal and prolonged sexual attacks. Before that he was the Visalia Ransacker, whose bizarre string of burglaries were clearly intended to deeply unsettle and disturb the occupants of the houses he targeted, rather than for material gain.

But it wasn’t until the 1990s that police were able to definitely connect the Original Night Stalker murders, with the East Area Rapist attacks and – although long suspected to be connected – the Visalia Ransacker crime-spree was only officially linked to the later, more-serious crimes over forty years after the break-ins occurred.

One of three primary composite sketches of the Golden State Killer
One of three primary composite sketches of the Golden State Killer

For the survivors the attacks and for the families of victims, the crimes will forever for indelibly etched into their memories, and for residents of the Californian communities targeted the unsolved murders have left a sense of lingering unease, but for the world at large the crimes did not permeate the popular consciousness in the way that the still-unsolved Zodiac murders or the now-solved Green River Killings managed to.

Although this shocking and sadistic series of crimes has fascinated and appalled true-crime enthusiasts and arm-chair detectives for many years, but it was only with the posthumous publication of Michelle McNamara’s book about the crimes and her own obsession with the case which she initially detailed in 2013 article, that the Golden State Killer really started to enter into the public consciousness.

Golden State Killer to eight murders in Goleta, Ventura, Dana Point and Irvine

Meanwhile behind the scenes, the [which police dep] had not let the case go cold. Possibly spurred by the renewed interest in the case, which McNamara’s 2013 article had inspired and partly by the amazing advances in forensic science that have opened up new avenues for solving decades-old mysteries of this type, a determined and dedicated team of detectives believe that they have finally been able to give the Golden State Killer his real name.

Jospeph DeAngelo will now be brought to trial for the murders of [?], having been implicated through DNA left at the crime scene in [19?].

Although those interested in the case are finding the arrest great cause to celebrate, it is important to remember that at present DeAngelo is only accused of the crimes. Until he can be brought to trial, he is legally presumed to be innocent and must be regarded as such.

Whatever the outcome of the trial may be, the fact that a trial will take place so many years after the case appeared to be unsolvable is a testament to all of those who refused to allow time to erase the harm done to the victims, in whose name justice may finally be done.

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