kishan goud father kills sons murderer j ramesh axe revenge mahesh goud

The father of murdered man hacked his son’s alleged killer to death in broad daylight in Hyderabad on Wednesday, in the bloody climax to a series of events which wouldn’t seem out of place in a Shakespearean tragedy.

The deceased has been identified as J Ramesh, 24, who was on trial at the time of his death for the December 2017 slaying of 25-year-old shop keeper Mahesh Goud.

Witnesses report seeing two men, believed to be the father and uncle of murder victim Mr. Goud, following J Ramesh as he left the court in Rajendra Nagar district of Hyderabad at the end of the day’s proceedings.

Brutal Revenge Slaying Of Accused Murderer At Busy Underpass

At some point Mr. Ramesh became aware he was being followed, and attempted to flee on foot. He ran for approximately 100 meters, as his two pursuers gave chase, and had just succeeded in flagging down an auto-rickshaw, when he was caught by the men, who have since been named by police as V. Kishan Goud, 48, and A. Laxman Goud, 25.

Armed with an axe, sickles and a kitchen knife, his assailants dragged Mr. Ramesh from the rickshaw and subjected him to a frenzied attack.

Traffic Cop Attempts Bike Rescue While Patrol Car Cruises Past

kishan father kills sons murderer axe revenge
Police patrol car passes slaying but does not stop

An unarmed traffic officer, who was on duty directing vehicles at the busy intersection, did attempt to intervene. Though shamefully in footage of the crime a police patrol car can be seen driving away from scene while the axe attack is still in progress.

The traffic cop was able to get Mr. Ramesh onto the back of his bicycle in an attempt to bring him to safety, but he was overpowered by the attackers who knocked down the bike and proceeded to hack at Mr. Ramesh with the axe.

In the graphic recording circulating online Mr. Ramesh lies gravely wounded beneath a crowded underpass, as his assailant, dressed in a yellow shirt, repeatedly levies blows against the prone man with his weapon.

Love Triangle Ends In Bloody Christmas Eve Murder

kishan father kills sons murderer axe revenge
Kishan Goudm 48, (left) father of murdered shop keeper Mahesh Goud is in police custody accused of murdering his son’s alleged killer with an axe in a brutal public slaying

Once he was certain that his victim was dead, the assailant surrendered his weapon and gave himself up to waiting police officers. His alleged accomplice also surrendered to police as they attended the scene in the wake of the killing.

Their victim is believed to have murdered the son of one of his killers on Christmas Eve last December 2017, after the two men became embroiled in a love triangle with the same married woman.

Mr. Ramesh warned Mahesh Goud to stay away from the unnamed woman, but the shop worker ignored the other man’s warnings.

A jealous Mr. Ramesh then allegedly enlisted his associates to lure his love rival to a village outside of Hyderabad, where he forced his victim to consume a large quantity of alcohol, before slitting Mr. Goud’s throat and burning the body.

The murder of Mahesh Goud came to light when car service workers spotted blood stains on the upholstery of Mr. Ramesh’s vehicle and alerted the police, who arrested Mr. Ramesh when he came to collect the car from the service garage.

Both Kishan and Lakshman Goud are currently in police custody charged with the murder of J Ramesh.


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