Edgelord Morons Make Ultimate Cringe Halloween Costume Fail

Edgelord Morons Make Ultimate Cringe Halloween Costume Fail

Daughter of notorious killer couple Fred and Rose West has shared what must rank as the cringiest Halloween costume fail of all time, when a pair of guests unwittingly attended the same Halloween ball as her adult daughter dressed as the murderous duo.

The 23-year-old, who never met her vicious grandparents, did not confront the revelers over their insensitive choice of fancy dress.

She waited until she got back home, when she nonchalantly joked to her her mother that she’d seen her grandparents at the party. The experience left the 46-year-old feeling shaken, as she has spent many years coming to terms with the extreme abuse she suffered at the hands of her depraved parents.

To this day the anonymous party goers remain blissfully ignorant of their killer costume faux pas.

Grandson Of Killer Couple Doesn’t Know

With her words spoken by an actress to preserve her anonymity, the happily married mother-of-two, also revealed that her young son is still in the dark as to the true identity of his criminal grandparents.

Despite her difficultly in knowing how to broach the subject of her brutal upbringing with her youngest child, Mae West was candid when she opened up to ITV’s Good Morning Britain about the years of trauma she endured inside the family’s infamous 25 Cromwell Street home.

Although her career criminal father confessed in 1994 to the sexually-motivated slayings of a string of young women, committed over two decades, it was the Wests’ own children who suffered the worst of their parents’ violence.

Sick Crimes Of Serial Killer Incest Dad

Frumpy Monsters: To outsiders Fred and Rose West looked like an ordinary couple, but behind closed doors they were committing some of the most depraved crimes in UK history.

Mae’s mother, Rose West, is believed to have murdered her husband’s 8-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Charmaine West, single handed, while Fred was locked up for burglary in 1971.

The couple would go on to kill at least ten other young women between them, although daughter Mae believes the true number of victims may be as high as thirty.

In 1987 the Fred and Rose even murdered their own teenage daughter, Heather West, and hid her body under the patio of the family home.

Fred West was a violent and unapologetic pedophile, who frequently raped his own pubescent daughters with the justification that since ‘he made them, he could do whatever he liked to them’.

He committed suicide while in police custody in 1995, before he could be brought to trial for his disgusting crimes.

The Most Evil Women In Britain’s Prisons

Shattered Innocence: Daughters of Fred and Rose, Mae West (right) and one of her sisters as kids

Rose West, who was fully aware of husband’s abuse of Mae and her sisters and condoned his treatment of their girls, is currently serving a whole-life tariff for her part in at least ten murders.

In her Good Morning Britain interview daughter Mae expressed her wish that Rose West would admit to her full share of the guilt, rather than hinting at her culpability while denying responsibility for her twisted acts.

Rose West is one of just three women in British legal history to be sentenced to serve out the rest of her life behind bars, without the hope of parole.

If you’re looking for some good tips on how to put together perfect Fred or Rose West costume this Halloween, the best advice is: Don’t.

Edgelord Morons Make Ultimate Cringe Halloween Costume Fail


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