Dylan Hafertepen emotional confrontation with the dead man's mother

The sad death of Australian national Jack Chapman aka Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen in Seattle last October, made global news headlines last week when the murky circumstances surrounding the 28-year-old’s sudden death were subject to a lengthy expose in respected Seattle weekly newspaper The Stranger Interest in the case only intensified when Chapman’s former partner, Dylan Hafertepen, was shown on Australian national TV in an emotional confrontation with the dead man’s mother.

Jack’s mother, Linda Chapman, blames Dylan Hafertepen for encouraging her son to inject his scrotum with silicone, resulting in the embolism that killed the former charity worker.

Linda Chapman, as well as several of Jack’s friends, claim that Dylan Hafertepen was emotionally abusive to Chapman, hiding his manipulation under the guise of a consensual polyamorous, BDSM relationship. The pair had a volatile relationship and Jack had left Dylan Hafertepen and his polyamorous all-male harem on a number of occasions before his untimely death in October 2018.

In the months leading up to his death, Jack Chapman had reconciled with Dylan Hafertepen and just three weeks before his hospitalization had amended his will to make the older man his sole beneficiary. This means that Dylan Hafertepen now stands to inherit $200,000 in Australian dollars from his former lover.

But who is Dylan Hafertepen?

Until recently Dylan Hafertepen kept an active social media presence, publicly documenting his life and the lives of his ‘pups’ across social media platforms under the handle noodleandbeef.

Since the tragic death of former pup Jack Chapman he has attempted to erase much of his online presence.

However, in 2012 he was featured in the Huffington Post talking about his experience living with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). BDD is a serious psychiatric disorder which causes sufferers to experience a distorted sense of their own body image.

dylan hafertepen beforeandafter
A young Dylan Hafertepen before and after his body building obsession took over his life

Although he discusses seeking treatment for the disorder in 2012, in a Slate.com article from 2013 he appears to have embraced his compulsion to bulk up to outlandish proportions by becoming a body builder.

In the same article, he tells Slate that his compulsive need to exercise and the demands of his rigorous training schedule, leave him with few friends and little time to socialize. While outwardly presenting an image of a glamorous polyamorous BDSM lifestyle, away from social media Hafertepen was struggling to control his own demons.

By the time he met Jack Chapman in 2012 Dylan Hafertepen already had several other submissive partners, including his legal husband, restaurateur and trainer, Daniel Hafertepen. However, as Dylan told Huffington Post that same year, his Body Dysmorphia made it difficult for him to believe others were capable of finding him sexually desirable.

While many have accused Dylan Hafertepen of manipulating his friends and lovers into engaging in risky practices for his own sexual gratification, the picture that emerges of tragic Jack Chapman’s so-called ‘Master’ is of a man whose well-documented struggles to make peace with his own body, may have encouraged others down a path of mutilating their own with fatal consequences.


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