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Christopher Boon, 28, must serve a minimum of 29 years in prison, for the double murder of wife, Laura Mortimer, 31, and her 11-year-old daughter, Ella Dalby at their home in Gloucester in May this year.

Speaking for his client, Boon’s barrister, Stephen Leslie QC, had asked that the judge give Boon full credit for his guilty plea in sentencing, despite the fact that the electrical engineer had initially entered a plea of ‘Not Guilty’, claiming diminished responsibility after suffering ‘loss of control’.

Boon only altered his plea, when a medical report found there were no grounds to support this claim.

Members of the victims’ family filled the public gallery at Bristol Crown Court to hear the sentence passed down, at the culmination of a harrowing trial.

Hero Daughter Loses Life In Struggle With Knife Maniac Step-Dad Christopher Boon

ella dalby christopher boon
Brave Ella was stabbed 24 times trying to save her mother from monster step-dad Christopher Boon

The court heard how 11-year-old Ella sacrificed her own life in defense of her mother, during step-father Christopher Boon’s brutal knife attack in the kitchen of the family home the early hours of May 28.

The pupil at Barnwood Park Arts College bravely attempted to save her mother from Boon’s frenzied assault, but was quickly overpowered when the 28-year-old turned the knife on the terrified child.

The schoolgirl suffered 24 knife wounds, and is believed to have died only moments after her mother, who suffered 18 separate knife wounds, which Boon had inflicted with such ferocity that one of her ribs splintered.

Cowardly Killer Christopher Boon Forces His Own Mum To Check Crime Scene After Cruel Attack

After murdering both mother and daughter, Christopher Boon fled the house, pausing first to change his shoes.

He did not alert emergency services himself, but at 4.30am contacted his own mother who arrived at the property with her partner shortly after, where they were confronted with a scene or carnage later described to police as “horrendous”.

Boon’s mother called the ambulance service, but both Ella and Laura were pronounced dead at the scene.

When police contacted Boon by phone a short while later, he expressed no remorse claiming that wife Laura had slapped him, causing him to become enraged and ‘black out’. He was arrested some 2km away from the site of the murders, at 6.00am the same morning.

However, the murders were not the first time Christopher Boon had been accused of violence towards his partner.

Wife Killer Christopher Boon Had History Of Domestic Violence

On Boxing 2014 Laura Mortimer arrived on a neighbor’s doorstep with her daughter, in what was described as a “hysterical” condition, having fled the house dressed only in her underwear claiming that Christopher Boon had beaten her.

Police were called, but on that occasion Laura did not support a prosecution and no further action was taken.

The court also heard that Christopher Boon was frequently verbally abusive towards his young step-daughter.

During their investigation into the double murders, friends of Laura Mortimer told police that she had been contacted by a woman early in 2018, who had told her that she and Boon had been carrying on an extra-marital affair.

The news devastated the popular young wedding planner, but Laura Mortimer had been reluctant to end the marriage, for the sake of family stability.

In the days before the murders, Laura had told her husband that he needed to leave the family home within the next two weeks.


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