Manohar Chari arm chopper dad

A father in southern India was so enraged by his 20-year-old daughter’s marriage to her lower-caste boyfriend that he hacked off her arm with a kitchen chopper in Hyderabad last Wednesday.

Controlling father Manohar Chari, 42, lured the newlyweds to the Gokul Theatre, a cinema in the bustling Erragadda district of Hyderabad, on the pretext that he wished to celebrate the couples’ recent marriage.

This was to be their first meeting since the couple had secretly wed on 12th September in a reformist Hindu ceremony, before informing the Chari family of their relationship.

Victims Of Arm-Chopper Father Highschool Sweethearts

Madhavi and Sandeep on their wedding day last week

Mr. Chari’s daughter, Madhavi was a student at the Hyderabad Hindu College, while her new husband, 21-year-old B Sandeep, had been studying at the Vivekananda Degree College at Kukatpally, supporting himself with part-time parcel delivery work.

The childhood sweethearts first met as highschool students five years earlier, but were forced to keep their relationship secret due to Sandeep’s Dalit status.

Deranged Father-In-Law Attacks Daughter And Lower-Caste Husband In Broad Daylight

When the couple arrived outside the cinema at 3.30pm last Wednesday, Madhavi’s father began hacking at the pair with a large machete-style chopper.

He first attacked his son-in-law, but when Sandeep fell wounded to the ground, Mr. Chari turned on his daughter. He ferociously slashed at her neck and forearms with the blade, leaving her left forearm dangling by a thin strip of flesh.

A security guard attempted to intervene, however Mr. Chari continued his attack until a crowd gathered and were able to drive the frenzied Mr. Chari from the scene.

Bystanders took the badly-wounded couple to a local hospital, where Sandeep was treated for lacerations to the neck and face.

Surgeons Attempt To Save Severed Arm In 10-Hour Surgery

Badly wounded Madhavi on the ground outside the cinema cradling her wounded arm

Madhavi was airlifted to another hospital, where she endured a ten-hour surgery, as doctors desparely attempted to repair her severed forearm.

She remains in a critical condition and doctors are still uncertain whether she will retain the arm, post-surgery.

Police Warn Arm-Chopper Father-In-Law To Respect Intercaste Marriage

Sandeep receiving treatment for facial lacerations

The couple had reported reached out to police in the days after their marriage, fearing possible reprisals from the Chari family. The police informally counselled the Chari family that they should accept the marriage, which appeared to have the desired effect.

Mr. Chari had explicitly told his daughter and her new husband that he disapproved of the recent, well-publicised murder of Pranay Kumar, another lower-caste man who was killed by his father-in-law under similar circumstances last week.

Sandeep’s mother has spoken out following attack to tell reporters that she never suspected her new daughter-in-law’s family could harbor such deep hatred towards the intercaste lovematch, as Mr. Chari had been outwardly civil to the family since receiving the news of their children’s’ nuptials

However, those close to the Chari family say that Manohar was extremely distressed by his daughter’s choice of partner and had been drinking heavily at the time of the attack.

Police are currently seeking to charge Manohar Chari with attempted murder.



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